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[update] Since hosting on luna(.brighton.ac.uk) was discontinued over the summer (2006), my university website (uni.mcurry.co.uk) is now being hosted on www.omg.me.uk
Please visit http://uni.mcurry.co.uk/year1 to view the previous version (06 Sept '05)

Final Year Project:

I anticipate to publish the work that I have done for the project entitled 'Embedded Room-By-Room Heating Control System'. This should prove useful for future project students who wish to partake in a PIC-ethernet project in the future.

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To Do List:

  • Take pictures of year two EA projects to put here
  • Put some useful content here


  • uni <at> mcurry.co.uk* (Please note my M.J.Curry@Brighton.ac.uk email stopped working when I left university)
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Year 1 EA photos


Active X-over

Digital Project

More Photos soon...

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